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About me

My name is Blaise.I discovered Nusa Penida in May 2015. In 2020 I counted 30 visits and I moved to Bali. I love the island and I still visit Nusa Penida every week which is why I can update easily all the information you need to visit the island.

I discovered Nusa Penida in May 2015 while traveling through Bali and Indonesia. Two years after, I realized that I had visited the island sixteen times already. So I figured there had to be something special between this island and me. Maybe Nusa Penida captivated me with its dark magic ? Or more rationally, the beauty of its landscapes, its world class scuba diving spots, and its friendly people seduced me.

In 2020, I counted thirty visits and I moved from France to Bali. I staid in Penida from August 2020 until March 2021 but I now live in Bali. I am nevertheless still visiting Nusa Penida every week which allows me to regularly update the boat schedules and my favorite places in the island. You will indeed find a lot of practical information on this website, as well as ideas on what to do  or what to see ! And you can find an hotel in Bali or Nusa Penida on this Bali Hotel List. If you have any specific question, post it on this page or shoot me a message at !



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